THE GERMAN JUGENDAMT KIDNAPPING OUR FIVE CHILDREN - Landratsamt Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis, Jugendamt



Fight for my family, for my 5 kids, i will never stop


KINDER gehören zu Ihren Eltern, zu Mutter und Vater
THE GERMAN JUGENDAMT KIDNAPPING OUR FIVE CHILDREN, they told i am a danger for the psychic health of my children, i need help from them. I must ACCEPt their HELP. 
They stolen our children on 01.March 2012. Since that day we don`t know were our children are, we have no information about them. 
The Jugendamt want not to have any kontact with us. 
The judge and the court have no time for us. Day by day going away, and we cannot find out were the children are. I will fight I NEVER WILL STOP to fight to bring back ANY STOLEN CHILDREN from this Institution. 
I am a MOTHER, and i know that my children craying everyday and ask why they can`t come back home to us !!!! I PROMISE i will do everything bringing the system falling down. VIVA LA REVOLUTION !!! FREEDOM and PEACE for all CHILDREN, all OVER THE WORLD. 

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