German Officials Abduct Homeschooled Kids from Parents

German Officials Abduct Homeschooled Kids from Parents

Government authorities in Germany have abducted the children of another home schooling family. Witnesses described the abduction as "brutal and vicious."  

A team of German police officers with a battering ram stormed the residence of the Wunderlich family. The raid near Darmstadt last week took all four of the family's children into state custody.
The only legal grounds were that the parents, Dirk and Petra Wunderlich, continued to home school their children. There were no other allegations of abuse or neglect. A German family court judge authorized the police to use force against the children if they resisted. 

Behind the raid was the notorious Jugendamt or Youth Office. Many of the German parents who have run afoul of the Jugendamt have had their lives shattered. They've been in and out of court and have been fined thousands of euros. Some have been thrown in jail, and some have lost their children.

Why is Germany obsessed with wiping out home schooling? CBN News Sr. International Reporter Dale Hurd has covered in-depth the plight of several homeschooling families in Europe. He explains more of what's going on in this case, on Christian World News, Sept. 6.

A few years ago the Wunderlichs fled Germany to avoid such a scenario. But the need for employment necessitated their return. 
In an interview in Berlin last year, Dirk Wunderlich said he was prepared to go to jail rather than send his children to school. "But I'm not afraid of this," he said. "I'm only sad for my family. I will go (to jail) laughing. You can do what you want, but my children will not go to school."
The founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, Michael Farris, called the Wunderlich children's abduction "an outrageous act of a rogue nation." 

This is not an isolated incident. 

The Romeike family also fled the German government's persecution of homeschoolers and were granted asylum in America by an immigration judge. But the Obama administration wants the Romeikes sent back to Germany, where they could face the same fate as the Wunderlich's.
Witnesses said when Petra Wunderlich tried to give her daughter a kiss and hug goodbye, one of the officers pushed her away and said, "It's too late for that." 

The children were taken to unknown locations and officials told the parents they would not be seeing their children "anytime soon."

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Danielle 4 hours ago  
This is scary... Really scary. I do pray the kids will be returned safe and sound to their parents, but unfortunately we know what the chances of this are with the German government...
O.Bell Sep 11, 2013 at 11:31 am  
Germany is not a rogue country. In Germany children HAVE TO GO to school, it's the LAW. So if you choose to live in Germany you have to abide by the law. If you don't like the public schools, send them to a christian school, but it has to be a school. That ensures that all children have the same cha... View More..
texas58 3 days ago  
Marie, a concise and well stated argument indeed. Well done!
Jojo 3 days ago  
Your Message...There is a deeper reason for taking children from parents in Germany than home schooling. It happened to me. The Jugendamt is famous for that. 
In 2009 they took my grandchildren fom their mother and already had a foster home that they were going to send them too. The foster ... View More..
Just Rick 5 days ago  
If you go back to the 20's through the 40's of Germany and the Nazi party. A #1 priority was controlling the youth and the education of them. Paraphrased if we control the youth we will control the world. There were many many parents turned in to the state by their own children over and over. These ... View More..
Pure Pearl 5 days ago  
*Praying to our Almighty God, for His Zeal through HIS Own Remnant..the 'Best of the 'Best'!! This 'Zeal' of the Lord will 'accomplish' to aid in the 'Unrighteousness and 'injustice' of mankind throughout the world!!!!! In Thankfulness for His Favor on His people...demanding the 'return' of all Ho... View More..
Susan 5 days ago  
Our God will Destroy the Evil in this world! that's a PROMISE!
Bill 5 days ago  
Yeshua warned us, "They persecuted me, and they will persecute you." No servant is greater than their Master" I accept whatever persecution for Yeshua I receive with joy, this shows me I am worthy of the Lords wonderful gift of grace!
Deborah 6 days ago  
Are these children to be the next "stolen generation"? In Australia it is the term for children with mixed ancestry who were removed from Aboriginal families and given to European Australians so they could be integrated with education, rather than be camp dwellers. That has not worked out ... View More..
Carolyn Wiebe 6 days ago  
May the Holy Spirit shield our children.May He direct each parent to be on their knees interceding for each of their children It is so important now more than ever as we see government triing to take control of our children Thankyou Lord that You will direct our paths Carolyn Wiebe
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