Victims of the Jugendamt: Carola Hoffman Thompson

(After my story a few weeks ago about the Jugendamt, the German government children's agency that takes kids from good families in order to feed a human trafficking machine, there was such an outcry from other victims of the Jugendamt that I wanted to share some of their stories as well. This is the first story in an occasional series.

The Jugendamt was started by Chancellor Adolf Hitler's government, so its abuses date back to before the Second World War.)

Carola Hoffman Thompson, born in Germany in 1956, remembers she first tried to kill herself at the age of 5 to escape the physical and spiritual torture of the Jugendamt system; Germany's terrible children's gulag of mental institutions and foster care. 

"I was only 6 weeks old when they stole me. My mother was forcefully locked into a home for unmarried mothers." She says that almost all the children were permanently separated from their mothers at 6 weeks of age.
Carola believes she was taken away from her mother because her parents weren't ethnic Germans, but Gypsies of the Sini tribe. Carola's mother had also been taken away from her mother by the Jugendamt. 

"Torture is what comes to mind when I remember the orphanage Ruebezahl in the town of Holzen in Germany. There I got my first beatings at the age of 18 months."
Beatings were frequent, and being locked into dark rooms at the age of 3. Carola faced every abuse imaginable: verbal, physical and sexual. 

She escaped from the system by running away as a teenager and then finding a compassionate adult to finally care for her. 

Today Carola is married with a family and living in the U.S. But she still has nightmares about her childhood, and awakens in a sweat. And because of what she was subjected to by the Jugendamt, Carola says "I despise Germany…I despise the German government, which knows about the human rights violations by the Jugendamt, and I despise their helpers: the police, the courts, the lawyers and psychologists."

"I know that if I would have stayed in Germany, I would be either like my brother Peter (who is in a mental hospital), or like my sister Monika, dead."


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