The JUGENDAMT steals the 7 children of family Haase - Kinderqualen und Tod einer Jugendlichen

German/English subtitles/

The JUGENDAMT doesn't withhold from the death of a 13 year old child. This case is absolutely SCANDALOUS, even if far away to be a single case, rather the norm in modern Germany.
2001, the 7 children of Family Haase were taken away, stolen, by the JUGENDAMT, without any reason, as to generate profit for some forster homes.
2004, family Haase won against the FRG before the European Court of Human Rights. However the Court Arrest has never been applied in Germany since.
Consequently Lisa, the 13 year old daughter committed suicide in January 2007.
Mother Cornelia claimed her pain on German TV and accused the Jugendamt to be responsible for the death of her daughter.

This interview is now used as a pretence by the JUGENDAMT to withdraw again, the two children of 7, who were allowed to turn back in their family, last autumn and sent her the bill ... for the funeral expenses. Modern German cruaulty.

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